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Eco interior design

About interior design

The industrialization of society more and more distances us from nature and its beauty. Using current trends in the world of design, we help nature penetrate into your house. The apartment is designed in eco style with the use of natural materials. All furniture, stairs and floors are made of natural wood according to the client-specific design project. In decoration of the walls we used marine rubble, concrete and textile fabric. The interior is also suggested to be filled with plethora of live plants: flowers and dwarf bush trees.

Eco-style is fine with urban dwellers, creative minds, lovers of live plants, and those who are into environmental issues.

The primary materials used are natural wood and stone, plaster, cork, paper.

The floor-to-ceiling windows provide our space with plenty of daylight, which is not only the dominant requirement of eco style, but makes life more enjoyable.

Eco interior design highlights

Our project creates an impression of naturality and simplicity. We left a maximum of free space in the apartment, and used only the most demanded furniture. The overriding principle lies in the use of natural-appearing materials. For this reason we decided on creating an island with live plants.

Interior design materials

First of all, in the design of eco space we doubled down on wood. Parquet floor, closets, tables and chairs, kitchen facades, staircase are made of natural worked wood. A noteworthy detail in the space is the imitation of a tree stem in the dining area. We also used stone, plaster, cork, wallpaper, natural linen upholstery for furniture.

Eco interior design: furniture

The most basic requirement to furniture is the use of natural materials, elegant design, correct geometric shapes, which creates a simple and laconic image. The wooden furniture outstands with austere lines. It is well polished, without any feature elements and carving. The furniture is upholstered with natural linen fabric.

Our interior is spacious, open and well lit, and this is an overriding principle of eco style.

Color scheme and light in eco style

The natural colors without vivid contrasts are typical of eco style. The primary colors used are white, gray, beige, black. However, the space does not appear dark due to the floor-to-ceiling windows and a plenty of daylight. Artificial light is also in harmony with the surrounding space thanks to the use of energy-saving spot lights and dimmed ceiling lighting.

Interior design details

As a complement to the eco style conceptual idea, we created an island with decorative trees and artificial moss on the walls under the stairs. Again, the original design concept involved the use of polished tree stems in the dining area, which coincide in color and streamline forms with a dining-room set.

Interior design brief

The apartment is designed in eco style, in full unity of forms and textures that create a unique atmosphere of a virgin nature reserve, fully corresponding to the personality of our client.

Interior design specification

Total area – 100 m2
Design year – 2016, Kiev
Designer – Anastasiia Nester, HD-m2

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