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Modern interior design

About interior design

Art Nouveau in the interior originated in the last decades of the XIX century. It was sparked by blossom of the technical revolution, political and economic changes almost in all European countries. Art Nouveau is all about the contradistinction to the classical interiors of that time. The root principles of Art Nouveau imply the streamlining of forms, the smoothness of lines, the mixing of various styles.

Our designers brought to life the modern version of the Art Nouveau style. Here the smoothness of lines is less pronounced, on the contrary, the interior looks symmetrical and austere. The special focus is on the functionality of the space.

The colors are closer to the base combinations: white, gray, black.

The primary materials used are wood, ceramic tiles and fabrics made of natural materials.

Lighting in Art Nouveau has to be soft and dimmed. For this reason, the designers decided on spot lighting of the space, using weirdly-shaped lamps and wall-mounted lighting fixtures.

Interior design materials

The walls and ceiling play a small part in the space. We painted white part of the walls and the ceiling, having previously leveled them. We used wooden panels and ceramic tiles as facing materials. The herringbone parquet is a classic version of Art Nouveau. Furniture textiles and upholstery are made of natural fabrics.

Art Nouveau in interior design: furniture

Art Nouveau furniture is a fiducial point in the interior and is predominant on the light background of the walls. The focus of the design in the living room is on the round coffee table in between the sofas and poufs. The armchair with the distinctive smooth shapes, which differs in color with an overall tone, plays the dominant role in the bedroom. All furniture is practical and functional.

Color scheme and light in Art Nouveau

The color in the space is soft as it were blurred. Designers focused on shades. Décor elements fit harmoniously into the light walls.

There is plenty of day- and electric light in our space. The light is soft and dimmed in conformity with Art Nouveau traditions. In addition to wall- and table lighting, we resorted to the use of chandeliers with original bowl shades and textile abat-jours.

Interior design details

The accessories and decor items: figurines, vases, chandeliers, clocks are in evidence in the interior. The Art Nouveau atmosphere is complemented by a round-shaped gas log in the living room.

Interior design brief

The apartment is designed in the Art Nouveau style that creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and elegance, fully corresponding to the personality of our client.

Interior design specification

Total area – 100 m2
Design year – 2017, Wroclaw, Poland
Designer – Anastasiia Nester, HD-m2

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