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Original contemporary interior design

About interior design

The apartment interior design, codenamed HD#0130, was created for the young spouses as a place where they could escape from bump and grind of everyday life. The apartment is designed in contemporary style. The conceptual idea of a comfortable and functional space is prevalent here. Each detail is consistently integrated into the content.

Interior design in contemporary style is tried by people who are keeping track of emerging trends – those who appreciate comfort and functionality.

The primary design materials used are glass, ceramic tile, varnish, plastic, wood, plaster.

Interior design highlights

The defining attributes of our design are simplicity and preciseness. The overriding principle – the form does not blur the content. A neutral color scheme finish gives a sensation of a space where one can with equal facility turn on rest, communication or work. The layout introduces an open space with the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Interior design materials

The design was developed with the use of modern materials. And these are any and all glossy surfaces: varnish, glass, ceramic tile, plastic. All these materials properly reflect light and widen the space. We also doubled down on worked wood and plaster on the walls.

The Contemporary in interior design: furniture

The Contemporary in interior design favors the furniture of absolute forms. Clear lines are given priority. Upholstered furniture outstands with symmetrical lines. Upholstery is woven, textiles on windows made of genuine solid material.

The sliding door wardrobe and dining table are custom-made from medium density fiberboard.

The modern smart home appliances in the kitchen and large plasma TV in the living room are critical to the contemporary design.

Color scheme and light in the Contemporary

Color palette: beige, black, dimmed blue. The color background is not at the forefront in the interior design, but serves as a foil to shape, arrangement of details and designer concept.

Thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling windows, there is enough daylight in the apartment. For artificial lighting, we used numerous ceiling light fixtures and designer floor lamps.

Interior design details

The Contemporary implies minimalism. For this reason there are few décor items in our interior design. The weirdly shaped chairs and armchairs dovetail with the atmosphere of the Contemporary in the apartment. The modern technology is in a similar fashion an indispensable part of the design.

Interior design brief

The apartment is designed in the contemporary style, in full unity of forms and textures that create a practical and comfortable atmosphere, fully corresponding to the personality of our clients.

Interior design specification

Total area – 50 m2
Design year – 2017, Kiev
Designer – Anastasiia Nester, Home Design Studio

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