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Modern interior design for a young couple

About interior design

Interior design is not only about working with color and texture; it is also a game with a form. In the HD-0131 project our designers have expertly combined various forms: circles, squares, lines, rectangles, cylinders and hexagons. All this creates a consistent, full-fledged formula of modern minimalism.

The design is accomplished predominantly in black and white array, which makes it possible to widen visually the space. The wooden panels, bright paintings, live and preserved plants are meant to be the key elements in the design.
The lovers of order and tranquility, and those who are tired of overburden of modern life in metropolitan cities are certain to relish modern minimalism. When designing this interior, our designers resorted to modeling the space. They created additional openings in the walls and removed non-load-bearing partitions.

Interior design highlights

The forms and textures are instrumental in our interior design. The apartment is repleted with simplicity and functionality. Modern minimalism implies a well-balanced finish, combined with a minimal number of furniture and decor.

Interior design materials

The ceilings are bright, without pattern decorations. The floor is covered with dark parquet board. Door openings side with the walls. The designers used wooden and plastic panels, plaster, paint and tile in walls finish.

Modern style in interior design: furniture

With a view to create an atmosphere of modern minimalism, the designers used simple but functional furniture: sliding door wardrobe that sides with overall space, ready-built kitchen, which is of the same color with a wall background.

Upholstered furniture is simple, laconic, with correct geometric forms. The door locks and handles do not strike the eye. The book case, separating the space, was symmetrically laced with the modern style of the interior.

Color scheme and light in modern style

The white color combined with dark shades reigns supreme in our interior design. This does not go against the ultimate message of modern minimalism. This combination can be used with any finish materials. The shades of light and dark accentuate well the identity of the interior scene, the clarity and symmetry of the design. The space is imbued with daylight thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. For artificial lighting of the apartment, we used modern lamps with power regulators.

Interior design details

For our modern minimalist space we opted for one-color curtains of high-quality dense fabric, with the shades similar to the general tone of the space. The upholstery does not stand out for its complicated graphic design.

The houseplants in flowerpots enliven the orderly atmosphere. The original design concept is the artificial green moss on the entrance door, edged with round-shaped frames.
The designer clock, chandeliers and lamps, round-shaped coffee tables also adorn the apartment.
Similarly, the outsized paintings of contemporary artists build momentum of the space.

Interior design brief

The apartment is designed in modern minimalist style, in full unity of forms and textures, which create a unique atmosphere of order and tranquility, fully corresponding to the personality of our client.

Interior design specification

Total area – 110 m2
Design year – 2017, Kiev
Designer – Anastasiia Nester, HD-m2

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