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HD Loft№0112

The interior was created by the designers of our studio for a young family with a child and pets. For the apartment with a terrace, loft style was applied in combination with several eco-style bright elements. The living room and kitchen area with concrete and elements of genuine wood were designed in a minimalist style with the intention of creating a complete composition that blends in with the overall filled with light space. The living room with a hammock and poufs is an ideal place for rest and reading books. Moreover, each room is arranged in such a way that one can not only spend time with their family or alone there, but also invite a great number of friends. Each zone is unique. For example, the child’s room is fully equipped for the needs of the 12-year-old boy, taking into account all his hobbies and activities. Throughout the apartment, the designers decided to hang drawings on the walls in order to emphasize the creative individuality of the owners. On the second floor there is the parents’ bedroom with a separate concrete bath and a fireplace – the union of two elements of fire and water. This is the room where a wide and beautiful view opens in the morning. The bedroom is surrounded by accessory use facilities, such as a dressing room and a toilet. From there one can go down to the terrace. The terrace, owing to the use of glass railings, opens towards the magnificent views of the city, what creates a sensation of boundless space.

Total area of the apartment -200 m2, Kiev – 2017