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Author’s support is a well-organized and coordinated work of all the specialists of the Home Design studio.

It involves engineers, architects, designers and project managers. The main goal of this work is to ensure high-quality implementation of the project, while:

– saving your budget and time;
– organizing the work of builders and contractors;
– picking up, finding and delivering all necessary interior elements that have been used in the design project;
– establishing and controlling the logistics of supplies of materials and components;
– making sure that the final result meets our and your expectations.

We are professionals in our business, thus far we are interested in the quality implementation of the design of the project, and have the author’s supervision as an obligatory part of the package of our services.
Our customers are provided with two options for author support: Light and Premium:
1. Option Light, a part of design development stage and means the author’s support of the “Object” at the level of all-round consultations with the customer and builders, on the issues of drawings, furniture, lighting and other components for the project.
2.Option Premium, calculated at cost of 20 US dollar / 1 m2 , covers author’s support of the “Object” at all stages up to key-ready stage:
• Personal visits to the “Object”, consultations and control of builders;
• Selection and organization of delivery of all components involved in the project (at your choice, together with you or on our own, we select, approve and order samples of necessary materials);
•Budgeting: we provide several possible budgets for you to choose the most attractive one (using the original materials, replicas or custom manufacturing), we also make changes to the drawing documentation if the choice of an analogue changes the existing project;
• We plan and organize the work of contractors;
• We have specialists for exclusive types of work, implementing of non-standard ideas (furniture, lighting, decoration;
• We work with proven contractors and partners who we do not hesitate to recommend to our customers;
• As a result, you get the most important, ready-made product that meets your desires.