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Creating a design of the project

Complex matter of creative and engineering work, consisting of several key stages:
– getting to know our customer’s tastes, styles and wishes;
– development of several variants of planning decisions (for the most rational use of space): we carry out measurements of existing premises or we plan the future construction of the house;
– 3D visualization of all the premises of the object (you will be able to accurately, in all details, visualize your house after the project is implemented);
– Planning (a complete package of all necessary drawing documentation: sweeps of walls, floors, ceilings / lighting plan, electrics, plumbing / furniture sketches and placement);
– delivery of the project: we hand over the design to our customer and a copy to the builders (printed + electronic version).
From now on we are ready to start implementing the plan and move on to the next area of our services “author support”.