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Brutalist interior design

About interior design

The brutalist design coupled with the minimalist details – spacious interior scene, noticeably set out texture of high quality and solid materials – bears evidence of vigor, ambition, feeling of overwhelming power in combination with naturality and elegance.

Brutalism is a choice of practical people who know the worth of quality. Brutalism is a men’s spirit, veracity and beauty.

The primary materials – concrete, wood, brick, glass and metal – underpin the industrial tone of the design.

The interior light also plays a critical part – on the one side it allows to create a great many of light scenarios, on the other side – each light fixture is a spectacular stylistic accent, owing to the form and materials – brass, glass, metal, retro-lamps.

Living room and storage in interior design

The integrity of style is ill-disguised right off the bat – minimum of details, totally wasted sentiments. Everything in use. Design elements – modernist hanger, as an example, are individually selected. Works fine for rationalists. Comfortable for bachelors.

Interior design materials

Unworked concrete, wood, glass and metal. Plaster and wood of natural color are coated with transparent lacquer – naturality is in the first place. The floor is covered with solid wood.

Metal structures are left in view. Metal is painted black and left as it is. The use of copper – copper décor elements, pipes or light fixtures instill a sense of warmth and humanness in interior, to the point.

Brutalism in interior design: furniture

The basic requirement to furniture is to reproduce the nature of Brutalism that entails the use of a limited number of furniture items in interior. The sleeping area is severe and functional, but in equal measure cosy, bearing the evidence of harsch man nature.

The furniture is plain, practical and minimalist. The perfect choice is to build it in or place against the walls. The forms are right-angled, the natural-appearing materials – leather, bag cloth, metal. The fixtures are often in view, and serve as décor. Admittedly, the stylish visual simplicity is always a custom design that can never be cheap.

Color scheme and light in Brutalism

It is always challenging to choose the color scheme due to peculiarities of interior style. The interior designers often give preference to light colors. The designers of the HD-m2 interior design studio managed to come up with a brutalist interior in dark shades, that does not seem gloomy, but looks presentable, soft and quintessential.

Most certainly, a wealth of light is typical for this interior design, and for the brutalist design in whole. Both natural light – in this design the floor-to-ceiling windows let the maximum daylight in, and artificial light – floor lamps, light fixtures, lamps, built-in lighting panels – provide not only the essential spot lighting, but serve as a stylish interior and décor element.

Interior design details

A minimalistic and ascetic brutalist nature does not involve a great many of interior design elements, such as decoration. These include lighting, furniture and elegant artwork, as with the Krakow interior design.

Interior design brief

The apartment is designed in brutalist and minimalist styles, in full unity of forms and textures that create a unique atmosphere of tailored comfort, fully corresponding to the personality of our client.

Interior design specification

Total area – 120 m2
Design year – 2018, Wroclaw, Poland
Designer – Anastasiia Nester, HD-m2

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