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Loft interior design of apartment

About the client

Our client is a father who decided to make a gift to his son on the occasion of his birthday.

The core message of ​​the project is to remind the son of a joint vacation in Chicago. The client fully reposed trust in the taste and vision of the designer and came up trumps – Anastasiia managed to catch the spirit of loft and sidestep the stale clichés.

About interior design

The apartment is designed in contemporary style with the elements of loft – brickwork, vintage lamps, the use of wood, concrete and metal in fit-out works – all this transfers us to the period of the industrial development in the United States.

The soft color scheme is one of the wishes of the client. Beige, brick-ocher hues, as well as contrasting blue and turquoise accents create a harmonious interior to rest and live in.

The primary materials – concrete, wood, brick, glass and metal – underpin the industrial tone of the design.

The interior light makes a big difference – on the one side it allows to create a great many of light scenarios, on the other side – each light fixture is a spectacular stylistic accent, owing to the form and materials – brass, glass, metal, retro-lamps.

Living room and storage

Having opened the front door, you immediately get yourself to the spacious living room – a single space conveniently divided into several zones by means of multiply solutions: a kitchen area with a turquoise blue furniture set and a bar island with a built-in powerful hood, a dining area, a living room area with a cozy soft sofa by Blanche and a small chill-out zone with a jute carpet. The glass partitions with metal elements, made according to the sketches of the designer by Verometal, also add to the industrial chic of the interior.

One of the challenges set before the designer is to arrange skillfully a large number of storage areas so that they do not strike the eye. For this purpose, the dressing room was enlarged by means of narrowing the corridor, and all cabinet-type furniture was tailor-made according to the sketches of the designer and painted in color of the walls not to overburden the space of the rooms.

Design of the sleeping area

The sleeping area is also designed in a soft ocher array. The bed with leather headboard by Bravo, textile and carpet – all this creates an atmosphere of harmony and comfort. A metal perforated partition, which underpins a style solution, and adds air and light to the bedroom space, claims special attention.

Design of the children’s room

The children’s room is designed in a pleasing blue color scheme and is conveniently divided into several zones – a bedroom zone, a storage area, a play space and working area. The tailor-made overhead shelves and cabinet-type furniture, painted in color of the walls, perform several functions at once, being a noteworthy detail.

Design details

The apartment has two bathrooms: the main bathroom is designed in beige-ocher color scheme. At the request of the client, we mounted a large bath by Imola and a glass shower cabin with a rain shower. For the ease of convenience, there is also a bidet in the bathroom. The floor and walls are finished with ceramic porcelain tiles by Peronda Ceramica. The unusual wall hanging cupboards are designed for storage purposes.

The guest bathroom is designed in a contrasting beige blue color scheme. There are also several storage areas, and a comfortable hygienic shower. Tile and ceramics are by Ariana Ceramica.

Interior design brief

Finally, it’s noteworthy that the most challenging task in designing this interior resided in creating a modern, laconic and functional space with industrial spirit, retaining a sense of comfort and harmony.

Interior design specification:

Total area – 130 m2
Design year – 2016, Kiev
Designer – Anastasiia Nester, HD-m2

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