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Low-key aristocratic interior design of apartment

About interior design

In this apartment, designed by the Home Design studio, one is tempted to read Fitzgerald, smoke strong cigars and drink whiskey. The interior is designed in soft dark colors, which work well with decor elements with gold and copper flash. Traditionally, the kitchen and living room are combined into a single space, which renders it possible to make the most of each centimeter of the apartment space.

Interior design materials

The main shades used by the HD-m2 studio designers when creating the project of a spacious four-room apartment are gray, beige, brown and black. The selected color palette added a dash of charm to the space and helped create a balanced equilibrium of sophistication and comfort.

A variety of “clean” surfaces in the interior give a sense of the accomplished image of the modern classic dwelling, which is outfitted with the state-of-the-art equipment, but still bearing downhome atmosphere. The scarcity of the color scheme did not prevent designers from adding a bit of luxury to the interior. For these purposes, we used an abundance of brass and copper flash, coupled with several works of fine art.

The laconic design and the muted palette fill the apartment with the spirit of classics, where the designer creativity is manifested in details, as in the composition of paintings with an audacious image.

What is the interior design hallmark?

It’s with a good reason that the children’s room is considered as a hallmark of the interior design, as it contains a variety of handwork of authorship. Right off the entrance, the attention is directed to the wall painting, depicting an octopus with a ship in tentacles against the backdrop of the raging sea. As if having leaped from the pages of the adventure books, it places great emphasis on a special, mysterious atmosphere. Accurately selected shades, smooth transitions and warm lighting have a positive impact on emotional state of a teenager.

Living room and kitchen in interior design

The designers combined the living room and the kitchen into a single space, which allowed every centimeter of the apartment space to be used to the utmost. The zones are visually separated with white and black walls. In the kitchen the designers used a beige shade, which offers a contrast to the black furniture and is complemented by warm yellow backlight and wooden elements. The brass lamps, made according to the designer sketches together with the furniture, added a special elegance and status to the interior.

HD-m2 design studio style solutions

A smooth transition between zones in the interior was turned to advantage by means of the visual overflow of the kitchen cupboard into the adjacent black wall, and by changing in shades and wood pattern on the parquet floor. A beige sofa made of dense textiles in the center of the living room is complemented by a chocolate-colored coffee table. And a built-in metal-interspersed dark closet opposite to it is iridescent in the light.

The composition of the original paintings serves as a foil to the appropriate entourage of the space and speaks for the presence of a true taste both of the designers and the owners. An elegant dining table with designer chairs harmoniously fills the space by the window. Here you will find an exquisite bio fireplace, which maintains the atmosphere of fireside comfort and pumps warmth into the room.

We used the wooden texture in the interior as a focal point, varying the patterns. Thus, the wooden veneer on one of the walls separates the bedside area with the contrast of black and white colors in the master bedroom and dovetails with the pastel palette in the guest room.

The soft beige headboard in the bedroom merges with a color of the coverlet and is effectively laced with a coffee-colored parquet floor. There are two bedside tables by the bed and an elegant trumeau with a wall-to-wall mirror right opposite. An original lamp with brass flash completes the design. A bookcase with a variety of shelves against the wall is designed specifically for this apartment by the Home Design studio professionals.

The laconic extended main bathroom is tiled in imitation of wood and favours the basic conceptual idea of ​​the interior. The designers have evenly spaced the bathroom in such a way as to locate a bath and a shower cabin in.

We have not also forgotten about the guest bathroom, which is distinctive of a spacious shower cabin and a LED lit ceiling-high mirror.

Interior design specification

Total area – 152 m2
Design year – 2018, Kiev
Designer – Anastasiia Nester, HD-m2

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