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Art Nouveau and classic styles in interior design of apartment

About interior design

A promising approach in interior design can be a combination of Art Nouveau and classic styles. Smooth lines, dissymetry, natural color scheme can peacefully coexist with stucco, crystal, drapery and herringbone parquet. Art Nouveau and classic styles in the interior are modern aestheticism and ceremonious pedantry all in one.

The primary materials used are decorative stucco, wood, ceramic porcelain tiles, metal.

The lighting is soft and dimmed. The designers of the HD-m2 studio gave pride of place to spot lighting of the space, and used lamps, sconces, table and floor lamps with lighting regulation.

Interior design materials

The designers opted for stretched ceilings. A massive chandelier in a modern Art Nouveau style in the dining area serves as a decor element.

The walls are ornamented with decorative stucco, and painted. The floors in the bathroom are decorated with ceramic porcelain tiles, while the rest of the rooms – with a herringbone parquet.

Art Nouveau and classic styles in interior design: furniture

Classic style in modern adaptation – this is exactly how our interior can be characterized. The furniture is space-saving and functional. The smoothness of shapes and drapery of upholstered furniture create a touching image. Massy armchairs in a modern classic style, harmoniously complementing the existing image of Art Nouveau and classics add comfort to the space.

Color scheme and light

The main color palette is white, black and gray. However, the space does not appear dark. A wealth of daylight penetrates through large floor-to-ceiling windows. Artificial lighting is also made avail by all rules of classics and Art Nouveau: soft and dimmed spot lighting on the ceiling, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers.

Interior design details

A chandelier in modern Art Nouveau style above the dining table adds unique aesthetics to the interior scene. The gigantic black and white posters are also instrumental in creating a composite style. Textiles and upholstery are made of natural fabrics. Classic drapery gives it a special charm.

Interior design brief

The apartment is designed in modern Art Nouveau and classic styles. Mutually complementing each other, they create a unique atmosphere of aesthetics, style and comfort, fully corresponding to the personality of our client.

Interior design specification

Total area – 200 m2
Design year – 2017, Kiev
Designer – Anastasiia Nester, HD-m2

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