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Clothing store interior design

Built-in dressing-room furniture in apartments and houses with a modern interior replaces wardrobes, drawer chests, shelves for clothing and footwear.

Built-in storage systems are characteristic of any clothing store. The interior design of a clothing store implies the achievement of two goals: convenient storage and friendly attitude to buyers.

Thanks to the functionality and capacity, storage systems fulfil not only the function of stuff storage, but also serve as a dressing-room. When ordering such a project, one should turn to professionals. Modern storage systems developed by our designers and technologists are not only functional and practical, but also stylish.

The multitasking storage systems allow for smart storage of stuff and garments. The system consists of sections and is assembled as a constructor. The number of sections depends on the size of the dressing area and customer preferences. Sections are divided by their type into compartments for shoes, trousers, shirts, socks, ties, large-sized items, etc.

The same storage systems are used in clothing stores, which improves the aesthetic presentation of wears.

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