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Restaurant interior design

About interior design

The design of a restaurant, codenamed HD#Buble represents a new form of interior design. A certain combination of modern styles, such as minimalism, hi-tech, techno are in evidence here. The key feature of the interior is the use of modern finishing materials.

The primary materials used are glass, metal, stone, plastic.

Interior design highlights

Project highlights: clarity of lines and geometric shapes, austerity and restraint in color scheme, abundance of glass, stone and metal, low key decor.

Interior design materials

Terrazzo is one of the main trends in interior design.

Terrazzo is a new sound material for floor coverings, furniture and other surfaces. This material is made of cement composition with the addition of particles of natural stone and glass. Designers of the HD#Buble project made heavy use of Terrazzo in interior of the restaurant. Floor, bar counter, walls speckle with small colored inclusions.

We used plastic panels for the wall behind the bar counter, plaster and dark paint as finishing materials. By dint of glass partitions and folding screens of strong fabric we divided the space between the tables for guests of the restaurant.

The Contemporary in interior design

The furniture against the overall monochrome background and bright-red armchairs add dynamics to the space and serve as its hallmark thanks to the contrasting color and unusual shapes.

Color scheme and light

The primary color of the restaurant is black. However, there is plenty of daylight here thanks to huge floor-to-ceiling windows and abundance of artificial lighting. The circular built-in lamps in ​​the bar counter zone claim special attention.

Interior design brief

The project is accomplished in keeping with the contemporary traditions of interior design, in full unity of forms and textures, which create a new concept of restaurant format, fully corresponding to the requirements of our client.

Interior design specification

Total area – 110 m2
Design year – 2017, Kiev
Designer – Anastasiia Nester, HD-m2

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