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Brutalist interior design

About interior design

Brutalist in interior scene is notable for roughness and sharpness of its forms.

The basic style concept resides in precision and severity of lines. Brutalism leaves out ornamental patterns, making great display of materials structure. The interior design primary materials are concrete, wood, glass, metal and plastic. Brutalism is taken to mean a spacious interior in which each item consumes its niche and plays its specific role.

The designers put solid and high-quality materials in place. The house is designed in a natural color palette with minimum décor items used.

Interior design materials

The union of natural-appearing materials and out-of-the-box solutions, i.e. combining wood and concrete, glass and stone renders our interior a special touch. The elements of metal framing – chair arms, table and bed legs, lamps, in combination with green fabric and glass, strengthen accents in comparison of the structure of these materials.

Brutalism in interior design: furniture

The interior furniture shows the inner nature of the brutalist style. We planned a limited number of furniture items in our space that is in harmony with the style. The prevalence of simple and austere forms is in evidence. The main canon as to the furniture is the use of natural-appearing materials and genuine textures.

Color scheme and light in Brutalism

A variety of colors and shades is not typical of this style. Designers decided on black and gray.

The natural lighting is to the maximum thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. The choice of light fixtures is predicated on the principles of modern minimalism. They are made in the form of simple geometric patterns.

Interior design details

The conceptual idea of the brutalist style implies an inferior limit of décor elements. And still, a round metallic swing on a chain, one-of-a-kind dining furniture, a fireplace behind a glass wall, and original designer armchairs on the balcony turned to be an eye-catching complement to the interior. The living room is animated by a book stack, a stylized horse statuette and huge spiny cacti.

Interior design brief

The house is designed in the brutalist style, which creates a modern, rigorous atmosphere, fully corresponding to the personality of our client.

Interior design specification

Total area – 200 m2
Design year – 2017, Kiev
Designer – Anastasiia Nester, Home Design Studio

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