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Ethnic interior design of apartment

About interior design

Ethic interior design has for centuries allured with its mysticism. From year to year global manufacturers of furniture, lighting and interior design items churn out new collections inspired by folk motifs from different corners of the earth.

The HD-m2 interior design studio was also unable to resist the ethnic mystical magnetism. The interior design of the studio apartment in Odessa delivers the atmosphere of ancient African tribes. We used solely the natural-appearing materials to reproduce the authenticity of the African spirit: white textured walls, limed wood floor, wooden kitchen façades, wooden furniture with unlined edges, implicating the century-old growth pattern, cane lamps, accessories, paintings and decor elements, natural fur and woven handmade fabric. All this is indicative of a perfectly realized designer concept.

Ethnic interior is a design created by means of national colors, traditions and customs. It is not enough just to use a certain color and shapes. For a full-scale etnic design it is critical to apply décor elements typical of a particular culture.

Ethno style is a generic term. It includes a variety of other styles. Our designers have chosen its most exotic version – the African style. It introduces us to the culture of the peoples of Africa.

The primary materials used are the worked wood, fabrics made of natural materials, decorative plaster and woven cane.

African style is characterized by a special palette of shades – these are warm tones of natural color scheme in combination with black.

Interior design materials

With a view to create an appropriate atmosphere, the designers used decorative plaster, imitating stone, on the walls. The ceilings are covered with white water-based paint. It would have been more appropriate to lay stone on the floor, but we decided on natural lime board to ensure warmth and comfort.

Ethnic interior design: furniture

There should be a minimum of furniture in the ethnic interior. Therefore, our designers used the bare essentials. Another key requirement of the ethno style is the natural-appearing materials of the furniture: wooden kitchen façades, wooden furniture with unlined edges, upholstery made of natural materials.

The form is simple and concise.

Ethnic color scheme

The designers of the HD-m2 studio decided on the soft sand-cream-colored shades. However, with a view to achieve the contrasting effect, we used velvet black. Black color is a prerequisite for creating an African style.

Interior design details

The aesthetics of the African ethnic style was brought into focus with the help of the artware. These are floor-standing stoneware jugs and small bowls, cane handiwork – lamps, baskets, rugs, blankets with weirdly-shaped ornamental patterns, stylized horns on the wall. A striking décor element is the portraits of an African woman, wearing traditional African jewelry.

Interior design brief

The apartment is designed in ethnic style, which creates a unique atmosphere, fully corresponding to the personality of our client.  

Interior design specification

Total area – 120 m2
Design year – 2018, Kiev
Designer – Anastasiia Nester, HD-m2

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