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Coworking interior design

About Loft interior design

The Brainstorm project was developed as a modern and multifunctional public coworking space in Poland. A well-thought-out combination of metal, wood, concrete and textiles creates a new format of work place, which invites to fix on the work process and in the same breath unobtrusively offers to relax in cosy sofas and plunge into the world of big ideas.

The primary materials used are concrete, roughcast, metal, wood, textiles.

Interior design materials

For the Brainstorm project the designers used rough, but catchy finish: concrete masonry units and roughcast. The ceiling, staircase and space partitions are decorated with metal mesh panels. Textiles and upholstery are of coarse natural fabric.

Loft in interior design: furniture

Loft style involves a minimum of furniture. Working tables and armchairs were placed against the walls so as not to clutter up the space. We chose frameless soft furniture for the lounge area. Metal coffee tables and bar stools are designed in contemporary style. A wooden floor-to-ceiling shelf, serving as a partition, is a real designer catch. Textiles on windows made of coarse and strong fabric are not frequently used in loft style, however, quite appropriate for this project thanks to the floor space and high ceilings.

Color scheme and light in loft style

Loft enjoys light. For this purpose, designers decided on floor-to-ceiling windows. Separate lamps hanging from the ceiling serve as artificial lighting. The main colors are black, white and gray.

Interior design details

All it takes is to adorn Loft with several large objects. Say, massive metal framed letters in the word Brainstorm, which serve as a foil to the style. The stylized portrait on the wall plays into the interior. The live plants enliven the loft space.

Interior design brief

The space is designed in loft style, which creates a unique coworking atmosphere, fully corresponding to the project statement and design intent.

Interior design specification

Total area – 120 m2
Design year – 2018, Kiev
Designer – Anastasiia Nester, HD-m2

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