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Modern interior of the apartment with the elements of Scandinavian style

About interior design

The apartment is designed in light colors with the use of natural materials and wood and stone textures. All the good is extracted out of the living room space with a seating area on the balcony, which merged into the apartment. A large functional kitchen and dining area make it possible for the mistress to cook with ease for family and guests. Bright and cozy bedrooms invite to relax and get away from bump and grind of everyday life.

Interior design materials

These are the pastel colors: beige, light gray and light brown that are prevailing in the interior. But the primary color of the Scandinavian style is definitely white. However, with a view to enliven the interior scene, rich varicoloured accents should be added. For this purpose, such decor elements, as the original clayware will suit well.

The chief quality of materials is naturality. It will precisely bring comfort into a house. Wood pulp, metal, natural stone, glass, cotton, linen, fur, leather, ceramics – we make liberal use of all of these materials, creating interior designs in Scandinavian style.

Interior design in Scandinavian style: furniture

The furniture used in the project is practical and functional. Nothing in excess – the maximum of free space. The furniture is made of blond wood species (beech, birch, pine). Textile, leather and cotton are used for upholstery.

What was put into practice by the HD-m2 studio in this interior design?

Interior design specification

Total area – 120 m2
Design year – 2018, Kiev
Designer – Anastasiia Nester, HD-m2

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