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Contemporary interior design of a studio apartment

About interior design

The exclusive design of the apartment by the Home Design studio is as if targeted at those who have an exceptional sense of style. The apartment is made in monochrome colors, with the use of contrasting elements and exclusive furniture items, designed by the studio.

Kitchen in design project

In keeping with the best traditions of the contemporary layout, the kitchen and living room are combined into one space, the laconism of which is diluted with copper inserts – door handles, chair legs, décor elements.

The Condor table, made by the studio designers, perfectly dovetails with the space, and a spectacular purple sofa gives the apartment a sense of warmth and comfort due to its color and texture.

The floor-to-ceiling windows, fireplace and industrial-inspired lamps add a tint of loft to the interior, however, it is without doubt a contemporary style, with the best design techniques used.

What is representative of the contemporary style in interior design?

For instance, in this project the designers have daringly decided on the arched doors, which are rapidly coming back in trend. In the interpretation of Home Design the arches take a new meaning.

Like with the most studio projects, the emphasis is put on color tone, laconism and style. This apartment will work well with a white shirt, strong coffee and red dry wine in the evenings.

What is characterized by this HD-m2 studio design?

Interior design specification

Total area – 122 m2
Design year – 2018, Kiev
Designer – Anastasiia Nester, HD-m2

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