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Contemporary interior design of 2 BDR apartment

About design project

One of the lightest and warmest designs of the Home Design studio is a small apartment for a family with two little children. The cleanliness of space, environmental friendliness and pastel shades bear evidence of love, comfort and family home evenings.

Kitchen in interior design

A cosy open kitchen is well suited both for stress-free family dinners and joyful Sunday brunches with friends. Immediately behind the dining table in the living room area one comes in view of a wide sofa with enough space for all family members. Floor-to-ceiling windows on the one side and a fireplace on the other side hint pointedly that there will always be light in this house.

The highlight of the kitchen is a granite table, which is laced with vases, as decor elements. Natural stone is, perhaps, not the most customary material, but it is well suited for creating stress zones, and for the décor of the apartment.

Bedroom in interior design

All doorways have gained the form of arches, which are rapidly coming back in trend. The master bedroom is designed in pastel colors with a plenty of daylight in. In the bedroom, it is worth paying attention to the design of individual items. These are custom-made lamps and a mirror as if made part of the wall. Mirrors in the interior widen and decorate the space.

Bathroom in interior design

The bathroom offers a daring contrast to the overall tone of the apartment – terracotta color, bright tile and copper elements create a unique spatial impression, and the desire to relax and take bath by candlelight.

The terracotta color in the interior looks in equal measure bright, uncustomary and balanced and at the same time does not plague with its presence, which at times can be exceedingly abundant.

Children’s room in interior design

The children’s room is designed so as to make the most of the space. An unusual bunk bed, a comfortable working space and sitting area, the walls to draw on – the designers took into account everything that might appeal to a child.

The children’s area turns head with its unsymmetrical walls decor. Such kind of colouring makes the space visually bigger. The floor-to-ceiling windows are to enhance the feeling that there is more space here than indicated in the plan.

Interior design materials

As with all Home Design studio projects, the apartment is designed in a combination of the most plain textures – stone, wood, plaster and concrete, all the things the man has lived side by side since the dawn of time.

HD-m2 interior design studio always gives pride of place to natural textures and materials.

What are the HD-m2 studio design solutions in this interior?

Interior design specification

Total area – 94 m2
Design year – 2018, Kiev
Designer – Anastasiia Nester, HD-m2

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